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Choose how you want to be remembered.

Funeral Directors Services

We offer funeral services to suit all requirements and budgets, working with you to create a lasting tribute for your loved one.

Simple Funeral Service

Our professional fees
Removal fee (in hours)
Doctors fee's
Care of your loved one
Transportation to Crematorium/Cemetery
Simple wood coffin
Cremation or Burial fee's 
(Grave purchase not included)
*This service cannot be added to

Bespoke Funeral Service

Please see our standardised and 
optional extra price lists.

Help Centre

What's the process? What do I do?

The process starts with a consultation with the family, after registering the death with the local council. During our consultation we will cover all aspects of the funeral from start to finish, allowing you to make the funeral a personal and fitting tribute to your loved one.

How soon can we have the funeral?

Funeral dates depend on availability. Some factors such as whether you would prefer burial or cremation can affect timescales. The best thing you can do is call us, on 01670 713218 (Cramlington) or 0191 236 4444 (Wideopen), and we will let you know the earliest possible options.

Do I have to pay up front for my funeral or can I set up a pre-payment plan?

On our consultation we will cover everything from start to finish - including payment options. If you are concerned about your loved ones paying for your funeral we can discuss pre-payment plans. 

Speak with one of our experienced funeral directors.

Call us today, on 01670 713 218 (Cramlington) or 0191 236 4444 (Wideopen)    

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